Armando Baudin Hi there!
I'm Armando. I'm passionate about media and communication.
I'm into photography, video making, web and graphic design, tv and radio production,
just to name a few things I do.


About Me

Born in Cordoba, Argentina, I grew up in the world of theatre, my mother's profession, and developed a taste for the arts. As a teenager I began working with my mother in the theatre, doing everything from performing to sound and lighting and working on community entertainment shows. Following that, I studied journalism, film and photography at the National University of Cordoba. Passionate about media communications, I finally graduated with a degree in creative advertising. My first job was at a radio station in my hometown, followed by work in the television industry.

I have lived in NZ for 16 years during which time I have been involved in community groups and projects, including the Spanish and Latin American Club and Wellington Access Radio. Many years have passed since my first job in Argentina but I am still just as passionate about the many aspects of media communications. For that reason I recently expanded into digital video editing and web development, thus keeping myself up to date with ever-changing communication technologies. With years of experience and dedicated studies in these areas, I find learning is ongoing if you want to keep on top of your game in this industry.